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Welcome to Alien Abductee Dating, the only dating site that is dedicated to alien abductees. The best part about using our platform is that it is completely free. Once you sign up, you will get to share your amazing story with thousands of other members who have had similar experiences and are looking for love of simply a friend who won’t make any ‘tin-foil hat’ jokes.

How it All Started?

For starters, its baffling to us that it took so long for someone to think of this great idea. Throughout history, there have been numerous recorded incidents of alien abductions, also known as “close encounters of the fourth kind” where people claim to have been abducted by occupants of a UFO. And then what about the dozens of times people have seen strange bright lights or a mysterious disk-shaped object criss-crossing across the night sky. When it comes to UFOs and alien abductions, what we’re saying is;

We Don’t “ WANT ” to Believe…


So, what are you waiting for? Join our truly one-of-a-kind site and start meeting other abductees right away. Start meaningful conversations, meet genuine singles, inspire, and form lasting relationships.

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