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Privacy Policy

This is Alien Abductee Dating’s website. It is not our practice to distribute any personal information, including user names, email addresses or any other information to third parties. We are only going to use your personal information such as email address or telephone number for inquiries and providing information relating to the services that are offered by Alien Abductee Dating.

We do not share or provide any information regarding other visitors to those who use our site. At Alien Abductee Dating, maintaining the privacy of our customers is of utmost importance and we take the security of our clients seriously.

Terms of Use

Below are the Terms and Conditions which are going to be used to govern the usage of this site, Alien Abductee Dating. By registering with Alien Abductee Dating, you fully accept, agree and are bound by the terms of this document, whether or not you are a user of the service or not. Those who do not wish to abide by these Terms and Conditions are advised to stop using the service of Alien Abductee Dating immediately.

Alien Abductee Dating reserves the right to change, alter, modify, update or revise any portion of the Terms and Conditions at any time at our sole discretion, without any need of providing prior notice to our clients and users of the services offered by Alien Abductee Dating. For this reason, all users are advised to consult this Terms and Conditions section regularly to keep abreast with any changes or modifications to the document.


This website or its service is not intended to be viewed or used by minors or anyone who is under the age of 18. By using the service you are agreeing that you are not under the age of 18.

Other Terms and Conditions

By using the services offered by Alien Abductee Dating, you are showing Alien Abductee Dating that you are in agreement not only to the Terms and Conditions of this service, but also the terms and conditions of using the service. All users are advised to first read the Privacy Policy carefully and any other information in the Terms and Conditions prior to using the site.

Cancellation Policy

Those who wish to unsubscribe / cancel their participation in Alien Abductee Dating may do so manually by either contacting us by phone or sending us an email with your request.

Billing and Refund Information

All purchase of products or services that are made by you on Alien Abductee Dating will be final and there will be no refunds or credits for any reason. You can choose to cancel this agreement with Alien Abductee Dating, or discontinue the services offered by Alien Abductee Dating without any refund. In no event are users of Alien Abductee Dating entitled to getting any refunds or credits due to any curtailment of the service for any reason. This includes but is not limited to; meeting a partner via the service, meeting a partner outside the service, any dissatisfaction due to the service, or a break from the services provided by Alien Abductee Dating. In other words, once the service starts, no refunds or credits are going to be provided.


As a user of Alien Abductee Dating, you are going to be solely responsible for all interactions, whether online or face to face, with other members of the service. By using the services offered by Alien Abductee Dating, you agree that Alien Abductee Dating will not be held responsible for any actions by you towards other members or vice versa. Alien Abductee Dating does not make any representations or warranties as to the conduct of any individual who has been identified or will identify you. In no event shall Alien Abductee Dating be held accountable or liable for any damages whatsoever that may occur to you or any other member while using the service, be it direct, indirect, special, consequential, general, compensatory or punitive, that arise out of or is in relation to your conduct or the conduct of any other user of the service, which includes, injury or any bodily harm, death, emotional stress or any other damages which results from communications or interactions with any user online or in person that you have met on Alien Abductee Dating.

Communications and Content

All emails that are sent to any email address of Alien Abductee Dating will automatically become the property of Alien Abductee Dating. The service can also provide links to the sites of other affiliated services or certain businesses with related materials. Alien Abductee Dating is not going to be held responsible for evaluating or examining any of the content that is sent, shared or received by its users, which also includes the content of all third-party affiliates. Alien Abductee Dating is not going to assume any responsibility or liability for the conduct, actions, products or any content in any form that’s provided by these third-parties. Your use of such materials is completely at your own risk, which is why you should be responsible and careful of the materials or links that you use, even if they are on Alien Abductee Dating.

You are only allowed to use the services offered by Alien Abductee Dating for lawful purposes. You are not permitted to post or transmit any material or content on this website that’s in violation or infringes in any way or form the rights of others, which is unlawful, false, threatening or abusive, or invasive or vulgar, which encourages any conduct which may be constituted as criminal, or gives rise to civil liability or violates the law in any way. With the prior written consent of Alien Abductee Dating, no user of this service is allowed to copy, share, or distribute any content, data or materials that are found in the Alien Abductee Dating website. Doing so will be in direct violation of the Terms and Conditions that have been set by Alien Abductee Dating and could lead to the termination of your account with Alien Abductee Dating, or legal action.

Limitations of Liability

By using the website and the services of Alien Abductee Dating, you agree to release and hold harmless all employees, directors, officers, shareholders, agents, managers, members, representatives and agents of Alien Abductee Dating, and their affiliates, advertising, promotional agencies or any subsidiaries, any other entities that are either controlling or controlled by Alien Abductee Dating, including any third-party providers or the sources of information and data on the or pertaining to Alien Abductee Dating, free from all losses, damages, rights, actions or claims of any kind that arise from or are related to the service or materials found in Alien Abductee Dating.

In no event will Alien Abductee Dating or its directors, officers, managers, members or any of its representatives be held liable for any damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, punitive, direct, indirect, consequential, loss of income, or data or loss or damage to property, personal injury or any other claims whatsoever made by its users or any third party users or because of the services offered by any of its third parties. Furthermore, by accessing and using the service provided by Alien Abductee Dating, you agree to hold Alien Abductee Dating harmless from any criminal, civil or administrative proceedings.